We believe the concept of consultations are often overlooked. We can’t emphasise enough how imperative they are to achieve the outstanding results we want for you. We use the best products on the market and we have highly trained stylists. But… this all goes to waste without proper planning and communication.

Firstly, be assured that consultations do not take a lot of time out of your day. They often last up to 15 minutes, in which we will ask a series of questions and look at pictures together. We will do various tests to check compatibility. Then finally plan your appointment and give you our estimated cost.

‘Consultations’ are free of charge and there is no obligation to book.

We have two options for you to choose from:

Consultation; which we mainly use as a chance to discuss your haircut, blowdry, special occasion hair or any questions or concerns you may have as a new client. Though if you change your mind and decide you would like to discuss colour also, we will try to accommodate you, as long as we have the time.


Colour revamp consultation; which will give your hairdresser the heads up that you would like to discuss mainly colour and so they can be prepared for your arrival, with the correct equipment at the ready. This may also be used for texture treatments such as Keratin or Perm. Of course we would discuss your haircut too if you would like us to do so.

What to expect


  • We get to know each other and discuss your vision or current struggles
  • We look through photos you may have, or we can look through some together on one of our tablets
  • A detailed look at your hair type with all its or characteristics and quirks
  • You will get our professional advice and ideas
  • You decide if your happy to go further and then we will book

Colour Revamp Consultation

  • A detailed conversation of your requirements and taste
  • We look through photos you may have, or we can look through some together on one of our tablets
  • Inspiration from our experience
  • Allergy testing
  • Insight into our colour brand
  • Porosity test
  • Price quotes
  • Grey hair analysis
  • Strand test
  • Elasticity test
  • Compatibility test
  • Outcome prediction
  • Home care education (if needed)
  • Budget discussion
  • Estimated price quotation
  • You decide if your happy to go further and then we will book

Achieving flawless hair colour is about good planning. After your hairdresser has met you they will be able to book the correct organised time slots from your chosen day. Your stylist may even take a tiny sample of your hair to test, if necessary, and/or organise to call you when they’ve had time to think and plan correctly (more so with colour correction).

Will it be within my budget?

We all have our allocated spends that we are comfortable with. If the cost is a concern, let us know. What we can’t do is change our service prices, we cost correctly for the quality of work. What we can do is discuss adapting your idea to make it more salon efficient and therefore cost less.

Do I need to book consultations?

We do advise you to book, in order to allow us the time to discuss your ideas. We are a lucky to be a popular salon and although we will try to accommodate walk-in requests, its not always possible. You can book by telephone or book online.

I need more time!

If you have much to discuss and don’t think 15 minutes will cut it. You can request a 30 minute consultation. Though we will need to charge for the extra time. In this case we would charge £25, then if you attend an appointment with us we will deduct £15 from your bill. For this option please book by telephone or in salon. We do take over the phone card payments for this.