Keeping your blonde at its best

Many of us have blonde hair colour in some shape or form. It has so many uses in personalising a style, big statements, defining textures, subtly sun kissing an already beautiful base, the list goes on.

But as many of us know, Blonde is an investment and keeping  your blondes looking salon fresh throughout the year can be tricky. Heres a few tips to keep the sparkle going for longer.-

Choose a manageable colour type:

We all have different hair budgets and differing amounts of spare time to spend in a salon. Be clear with your stylist of what you want you to spend and how much time you have for maintenance. The start of a manageable blonde is not to have an unmanageable blonde.

Hair condition:

There are no two ways around it, blonding services will effect your hair condition. With new inventions arising year on year damage is lessened. But, your hair condition will/has changed. It may feel great but it is different. Picture natural hair as denim and lifted to blonde hair silk. You need to cradle and nurture your blondes in order to keep your look on point. With heathy lifted hair your toners will last much longer!

What to use: We of course are biased to the brands we retail but for good reason, If we didn’t think they were the best we wouldn’t use them. Our favourite range for blonde health is ‘Davines Heart of Glass’. Click here to learn why.

Don’t over wash:

As mentioned above hair lifted to Blonde is like silk, You wouldn’t wash silk every day would you? wash only when you must. Embrace dry shampoos or learn a new hair up style to push you on an extra day or two

Tone regularly:

Toners are custom made by your stylist to cover up what we don’t want to see from your lift and add what we do. But all pigments are temperary some last longer than others but like your car or your jeans, colour fades. having your hair toned every 4-8 weeks (colour shade depending) will keep your hair as you choose thought the year

Be wary of home toning:

Purple shampoos have grown in popularity over the last few years. Yes they do a thing, but it’s not necessarily the right thing. There is a misconception that a purple shampoo will brighten a blonde when in-fact its is quite the opposite. Purple is the complimentary shade of yellow hence why it’s the pigment of choice. Though purple is also a dark pigment unlike yellow which is the lightest. Using these products can darken your blonde to such a level that your hairdresser won’t be able to match your shade without tricky and often expensive work. They’re difficult to control so use carefully or not at all.