Our Stylists

Our Stylist Level options, explained by our Director.

Sam Brannon (Director)


I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by my chosen industry. My Dad, Robert Brannon, was a highly talented and popular hair stylist. Although I’ve had chance to work with some great hairdressers from other companies in my career, I have never found any which inspired me artistically the way he did.

Although I helped around the salon in my early teens, I fully started my hairdressing career in 2004. Ive spent tens of thousands of hours refining my skills. To which has made me the confident stylist I am. I now have a very busy clientele full of people that I have a fabulous relationship with. I do charge more than my colleagues and please don’t mistake this for snobbery. There is a high demand on my time in the salon. Although I am always up for meeting new guests I do encourage people to use my equally talented stylists as well.

My job title is not just a buzz word. I direct the flow and standards of our salon. Although I may not be your hairstylist, at some point I meet every guest, as we work as a team. Im always around for advice.


Brannons Hair Stylists are committed craftsman. We asses our stylists on, knowledge, skill, personality and popularity. They are experts in colour, cutting and styling and each have one or more specialist subjects. Our training is rigorous and constant to keep our stylists skills high in both current fashion and personalised bespoke looks.

Our stylists have transformed thousands of peoples image aiming to better represent the person beneath the hair. They are forever dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience to their devoted guests.

Junior Stylists

Not to be mistaken purely as assistants but as a sign of our dedication to training and standards. Junior stylists are highly skilled in the services they perform. They will only perform services on paying guests that they have been assessed on and have experience with. If you choose a junior stylist, you are not considered a training model but a guest receiving top quality work by a hairdresser looking to meet more people. Therefore gain more experiences. Our junior stylists are working hard to gain all the attributes and skills needed to be promoted to a fully certified Brannons stylist.

As a guest to one of our junior stylists you will be under the supervision of the more experienced stylists. All we ask is that you have more patience than what you would have with our stylists as speed comes with experience.


At Brannons we take pride in working as a tight team to perform our highly detailed work. Our assistants are just as vital as our most experienced stylists and are thoroughly trained to do so. They are being mentored whilst being actively involved in the simpler services that they are experienced with. No paying guest at Brannons, is to be trained on. Anyone touching your hair is experienced and certified in that particular service.

If you would like to support the learning of our assistants and be a supervised model, we have a dedicated training evening. Call to enquire and will organise a time with you.

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Nervous about meeting a new hairdresser? See our blog post for advice, “finding a new Salon/Stylist”.