Online Booking and Booking colours


We are very excited to re-open after this lockdown. Given the long notice period, we are taking bookings online only from now until we re-open. The date we are being told currently is Monday 12th April. Please note that this may move if the Government change the date. We normally wouldn’t open on Mondays but will on the 12th.

If you are solely booking cuts or blowdry’s click here

If you are booking colour please read the following tips to prevent mistakes

  • Please be as accurate with booking colour types as you can be, to ensure we have the time for your service. (hair key word list here if your unsure of the lingo)
  • You don’t have to book toners with highlighting services (foils, Balayage….etc) we account for this time anyway
  • There is two main types of Balayage (Liberty & Progress) with vastly different timings please read this to find which type you have.
  • If your colour choice has full head, half head or partial please choose the right one to ensure we have the time. We will have to charge for extra unused time incorrect booking, see our key words page if your unsure.
  • With each colour there is a choice to book with a cut or blow dry. You do not need to book them separately
  • If you only want a toner without any lightening work, the term is ‘View Demi colour’, use this option for toners only.
  • Please note that the prices on online booking is a generalisation, there is no customisation for shorter or longer hair or extras, toners etc, therefore the prices may differ from what you see online. We have not changed our prices
  • Please do not book a colour if you have not either had an an allergy test or colour with us within the last 6 months. As we would have to cancel. In the case you haven’t please book a consultation and we will perform the allergy test and then book a colour appointment from there.
  • We may contact you if we spot a mistake.
  • We may have to contact you for a deposit for large appointments, we will only call after the 12th of April.
  • Please check you have received a confirmation email and keep it, we may need to refer to it.

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