At Brannons we believe in fair pricing. Hair lengths vary from millimeters to meters. Density of hair is also incredibly varied, from fine and gentle to chunky and vast. Then there is your desires, which may be a a few subtle alterations or a complex makeover. We will charge accordingly, which at times, may even mean less than our represented prices, if the task is smaller.

Below is a guide to some of our pricing. We charge separately for each service which allows us to quickly customise bills. To see some of our ‘Popular service bill examples’ pre calculated click here.

The best way to find an accurate price is with a completely free of charge consultation in which we can meet you in person and discuss your goals. Having a chance to get to know you and pre-plan your appointment, will help us to work to our highest standards and give you the best results. Click here for more information.

Director ? Stylist ? Junior Stylist ?
Ladies Cut & Blow dry £50-57 £39.50-£47 £23-£30
Gents Cut & Blow dry £30+ £22+ £13+
Girls Cut & Blow dry (under 14) £35 £29 £16
Boys Cut & Blow dry (under 14) £19 £16 £8
Girls Dry Cut (under 14) £22 £19 £12


Please note due to the nature of colouring and the vast variety of what we can do, we recommend a consultation prior to booking to determine an accurate price. These are Colouring prices only, Cut & BlowDry and BlowDry prices not included (please add on either of these services in order to estimate the correct price of your appointment). Example.

*P.O.C = Priced on consultation only

Director/Stylist Junior Stylist
Full Colour £55+ £38+
Root Colour £45+ £33+
Foils Full Head £75+ £45+
Foils Half Head £52+ £36+
Partial Foils (regrowth disguise) £22+ £15+
Progress Balayage Full Head ? £97+ £60+
Progress Balayage Half Head ? £70+ £41+
Progress Partial Balayage ? £33+ £15+
Liberty Balayage Full Head ? £72 £60+
Liberty Balayage Half Head ? £52 £41+
Liberty Balayage Partial ? £30 £15+
Flamboyage ? *P.O.C *P.O.C
Demi colour/shine glaze £33+ £24+
Extra Colour £17+ £13+
Toner £16+ £13+
Colour Correction *P.O.C *P.O.C
Global/Full head or Root Bleach *P.O.C *P.O.C


Our revolutionary re-bonding conditioning Plex system. Can either be mixed into colours being used or used alone as a high impact strengthening treatment. Recommended if you’re feeling conscious of chemical damage find out more, click here.

*F.O.C = Free of charge

Bleaching services  included *F.O.C
Added to colour/toner £9
On Protection stand alone £17
On Protection with Complimenting Mask £24


Are you getting Married more info here.

Director Stylist Junior Stylist
Hair/Pin up £44+ £38+ £23+
Curl without Blow dry n/a £19 £12
Special Occasion Blow dry £39+ £33-38 £19-£23
Blow dry Long £27 £22-27 £13-£16
Blow dry Short £22 £18 £11
Blow dry Child (under 14) n/a £16 £10


Davines NOU NOU Nourishing Repair Mask £9
Davines MINU Illuminating Replenishing Hair Mask £9
Oi Hair Butter £11
Nourishing Keratin Wonder £16
Limited edition treatments *P.O.C


*P.O.C = Priced on Consultation only

Perming *P.O.C
Keratin Smoothing *P.O.C

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