Popular Services & Their Bills

Here are some of the regular services our ‘stylist’ level hairdressers perform and their pricing:

Guest A: has had her hair previously coloured as a full colour (she has shoulder length hair). 6 weeks later she would like her re-growth covering, without cutting or conditioning work. This demands less salon time and salon product.

Root colour £40
Long Blow dry £24
Total £64

Guest B: has long thick hair and would like a strong impact balayage which is colour toned to a pale icy blonde. She would also like a new hairstyle (cutting) and extra conditioning work to seal in her colour and avoid unwanted texture changes. This service typically can take around 4 or more hours and uses a large amount of product. This is a demanding service though it rarely needs to be redone (9 months-1 year) with small maintenance work in between.

Progress Balayage full head £90
Demi Toner £35
Davines Nou NouNourishing Repair Mask £9
Long Hair Cut and Blow dry £47
Total £181

Guest B: has returned 6 weeks later to have her hair look at its best for an event. We re-tone to return her colour and shine back to  its optimum on her previous balayage. Then we have extra appointment time booked for her stylist to pull out all the stops with her ‘special occasion blow dry’

Demi Toner £35
Special Occasion Blow dry £38
Total £73

Guest C: Has a mid length bob, would like a loose tousled cut and a low maintenance natural colour. The Stylist has chosen A liberty Balayage colour technique as it is perfectly seamless and mimics the natural highlights done so by sun exposure, (without the damage).

Liberty Balayage Half Head £50
Demi Toner £28
Cut and Blow dry £39.50
Total £117.50

We charge fairly to allow us to use the best products on the market with no need to cut corners on quality.

If you have a budget in mind please speak to your stylist during your consultation and they will offer the right package for you.