The technique which has dominated the hair colour world. We have been perfecting our technique and products for several years to achieve the best and most personalised looks possible.

What is Balayage?

Well to start ‘balayage’ is french for ‘swept away’ which in hair dressing terms means one colour seamlessly transitioning to another. It is a highlighting technique that is tailored to frame your skin tones, face shape, hair cut shape, your personality and lifestyle.

Balayage is a huge subject which can create hundreds of result which barely resemble each other. You and your stylist with gather your ideas, feel inspired and then create your personalised look. The only thing which will determine that your colour is a balayage one, is your highlights will appear beautifully graduated from your base colour.

Why is Balayage so popular?

  • Very low maintenance. You choose when you want to refresh your colour and are not committed by root growth,
  • So easily adaptable, the effects are infinitely customisable
  • Full of taste and elegance. A balayage feels wearable and instantly comfortable

Balayage at Brannons

Though this is a technique with endless options and therefore equally endless technique. We have two main categories that then we customise anything from, read below for these categories and their meaning.

If you would like to be advise on which type is right for you, how to care for it, and price estimates, please book a free consultation

Progress Balayage

Named after the bleach product we use in the service. Progress balayage is for the bolder statement looks.

Here’s what defines ‘progress balayage’ at Brannons:

  • We use lightener giving us up to 9 levels of lift eg. darkest brunette to lightest blonde if we wish.
  • We incubate the beach lightener with foil, or meshe to allow us to achieve maximum lift if we need it.
  • Each section is teased to achieve seamless transitions.

When would Progress Balayage be the choice:

  • If you would like super clean blondes, which can be toned icy, champagne, rose etc.
  • if you have dark hair and want to achieve a bright coloured balayage
  • if you want a strong yet seamless effect

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Liberty Balayage

Named after the product we use in the service. Liberty Balayage if for those understated natural beauty looks.

Here’s what defined ‘liberty balayage’ at Brannons:

  • We use a clay lightener which can achieve up to 7 levels of lift
  • There no need to incubate ‘clay lightener’ as it cocoons itself in a firm shell, no use of foil or meche
  • the technique is quick, and there fore flawlessly even

When would Liberty Balayage be the right choice for me:

  • If keeping your look natural is important to you
  • If you want an almost zero maintenance colour option
  • If you would like a lower cost more time efficient highlighting service

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