Do we fear? Do we want? Do we need?

Safe bleaching needs three elements. Experience, quality and care.

Did you know that bleach is the most frequently used product in a hair salon?

Stock poor bleach, be a poor salon.

We have invested much expense, time and resources into finding the best bleaches to work with. Targeting comfort, condition and result.

We found it.

This is… The Century of Light, three bleaches that work in harmony.


Lightening on levels never previously achieved.

With the capability to lift to levels yet to be beaten by any other brand, Progress bleaching lightener is our staple for multiple functions, commonly used to achieve super bright tones.

Containing its own bonding-plex your hair condition is respected without the need for additional costly upgrades.


Mild to the Super Clean blonde highlighting


Previous cosmetic colour removal

Full Head ‘Global’ application


Is bleach uncomfortable?

A first of its kind and currently the only derma-logically tested bleach for scalp care.

Most guests report no discomfort during the processing.


Most commonly used with Progress for comfortable on scalp applications without compromising the lightning power.

Used solo allows gentle low powered pigment removal.


The Era of the Balayage.

With Balayage came clay lightener and we tried them all. And many failed but this is a bit lovely.

What does it do?

Unlike traditional bleaching technologies, which need to be wrapped in foil, mesh etc. to prevent the application drying out or bleeding onto the untargeted hair. Liberty cocoons itself within its own shell, allowing it to be dry and safe to touch, protected from touching untargeted areas. A moist, continuous lift throughout the processing time.

Liberty is a medium powered lightener that will lighten your base tones the way that nature intended. Also protected by ‘Plex’ technology.


Free hand Balayage techniques

Beachy, seamless highlighting

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