Brazilian Keratin

The Brazilian Keratin treatment is the service that has dealt with unruly hair types like never before, delivering irresistible smoothness, mirror like shine and manageability that once of day was only a dream.

No matter how frizzy, dry, coarse and irregular your hair may be keratin smoothing has the answers.

With zero damage due to its completely natural ingredients and containing no formaldehyde, there are no negatives. Your hair will be left enriched to perfection. It is guaranteed to last 3-4 months, though many argue that it can last much longer, every day can be a good hair day.

At Robert Brannon we have been in love with the keratin treatment from the start, being one of the first salons to offer the service in 2012. Since then there have been many advancements to the already groundbreaking treatment. We have trialed and researched many different brands and in conclusion believe our current brand KeraStraight Ultimate is the holy grail of the smoothing industry.

Please note: Keratin is not a chemical straightener. You will not lose volume. You will not weaken your hair, only strengthen. Curls are eased not lost completely.

Straight smooth looks can be achieved in fraction of the time and will be far more resilient to bad weather. If you want more movement and body or the choice to use your natural curls you still can. Brazilian KeraStraight treatments do not remove curls entirely, it only smooths them so even natural waves and curls will look better than ever before.

Please be aware: longer thicker hair types may require more product usage, which may require additional charges, normally starting at £25 extra. Our highest demand stylist may not be able to perform the service but will supervise their clients with other stylists to help physically. All Stylists performing Brazilian Keratin services are highly trained and experienced in doing so.


“I had given up hope. I had spent my whole life looking for ways to tame my crazy hair; I have tried every product on the market and have a basket full to prove it. When I met Danielle in the Hall street salon I booked a weekly blow dry with her after she gave me a lovely haircut. During a blow dry she asked me if I’d ever heard of KeraStraight. After 5 minutes of discussing it I had booked myself in. I can’t believe how good this service is, my hair now looks like those I’ve always admired, I love it and couldn’t thank Danielle and Robert Brannon’s enough.”
Debbie, Clitheroe

“I have been coming to Robert Brannon’s for years, they’ve always cut my hair as I like it, knowing that I love my curls. My problem was that they aren’t the smooth curls I see on some other people they seem to have a layer of frizz on top, and this gets worse through the day. My stylist has been telling about keratin for ages but I was apprehensive about losing the curl. She assured me with their new brand she could tailor the technique to suit my needs and she has. I have my KeraStraight done with less ironing so I don’t reduce my curls. Just absolutely no frizz. I’ve never had more compliments.”
Lauren, Hapton

“I have the worst natural hair texture you could imagine. So bad in fact I was spending thousands a year getting blow dry’s every few days. I have cancelled nights out when the rain was heavy, as my hair would look awful in less than an hour. Keratin has been life changing for me! I know that may seem dramatic but my hair was the part of my body I was most self conscious about and now I’m totally happy with it.”
Lynn, Burnley

“I came to Robert Brannon’s with a hair disaster a mixture of bad hairdressers and trying to correct colours at home with even worse consequences. My hair had turned to mush. I had severe breakage and blow drying was near impossible. Piya at St James street salon was my savior, after giving me a friendly telling off, she set me up some hair goals which included Keratin, once she had used some other potions to get my hair back on its feet. I’ve had keratin services twice now, both times using KeraStraight, but last time Piya told me about the new product Olaplex. She told me it would benefit me further having an Olaplex upgrade included. She was right, the first time was incredible but with Olaplex in my hair feels like it did before I started coloring it. I’m really chuffed.”
Naomi, Barrowford

“I had my Keratin treatment at Brannon’s for the first time three years ago and its has been life changing. I like my hair long, but it is so thick, frizzy and gets really tangled. It could easily take me an hour to blow dry it how I like it. No good when I have kids to sort out as well in the morning. Now my hair is super soft, completely smooth and shiny and takes seconds to comb. My hair routine takes me 20 minutes at most. I’m hooked!”
Ruth, Read

Interested in Booking?

So you are ready to begin your journey to beautiful hair. Firstly, we would like to have a chance to meet you prior to booking your appointment. This meeting is for one of our expert stylists to check compatibility and discuss predicted results. We will also answer any questions you may have and discuss the simple aftercare routine required after a KeraStraight smoothing.

This first meet is completely free with no obligations to go any further incase you decide not to go ahead with the service. If you do decide KeraStraight is for you then we will confirm an appointment and ask you to pay a £50 deposit to secure your booking.

You can book this meeting online by using our online booking form and selecting the ‘Brazilian KeraStraight consultation’ option on our service list. Alternatively, please call our salon on 01282 414747.

Please take the time to read our deposit terms and conditions…

To confirm the appointment we will require a £50 deposit. We hope you can appreciate that a deposit is necessary due to Brazilian KeraStraight treatments taking at least 2-3 hours to perform. Cancellations and reschedules must be made with 48 hours notice in order for us to have time to fill the appointment with other clients, with a full deposit refund if required. Failure to cancel or reschedule within the allotted time frame will result in losing your deposit. More than two cancellations or rescheduled within 7 days of an appointment will also result in the loss of a deposit.

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