Colour Ranges

At Brannons we are currently using 5 different colour ranges, all serving different purposes. There are many types of requirements needed in todays colouring and although once of day one range may of covered all, this is no longer the case. We are always testing new innovative products. If we find something better, we will use it.

Davines Mask with Vibachrome (Permanent Colour)

Why does hair colour fade? Why do some materials fade so little? Silk for example. Tiny natural fibres and yet has the ability to hold colour better than hair. This is why Davines have brought Mask with Vibachrome to the table.

One of many ingredients, phospholipid carrier, taken from the silk industry to attach colour molecules to a material.


  • Highly durable, long lasting colour
  • 100% grey coverage
  • Low pH & ammonia
  • Up to 5 shades of lightening without the use of bleach
  • High clean shine
  • Translucent coverage, maintaining the hairs natural highlights
  • Ppd free

Davines A New Colour ‘ANC’ (Permanent Colour)

Want to go ammonia free? We are becoming more and more conscious with the chemicals that come into contact with ourselves. We at Brannons, like many other good salons, don’t agree with the ammonia free craze due to its non-existent evidence and its presence within the human body naturally.

Ammonia free is not why we stock this range. Beauty is.
Due to its formulation, ANC produces pearlescent shine incomparable to any other colour. It has its limitations but within those limitations, is the sublime.


  • Zero ammonia
  • Dense coverage
  • Neutral scent
  • Up to 3 shades of lightening without the use of bleach
  • Up to 100% grey coverage
  • Pearlescent shine
  • Ppd free

If ‘A new colour” please speak to one of our stylists prior to you appointment as some shades may need to be specially ordered due to a short use by date.

Davines VIEW (Demi-Permanent)

Are any colours truly permanent?

Permanent colour has two elements. Preparation and delivery. When the pigments delivered have faded, you’re left with markings of the preparation, warm tones.

Demi-permanent is just delivery. Sharing the same pigments as permanent colour but unlike permanent colour will just return to what was beneath.

Perfect for root shadows, toning and “I’m new to colour”


  • Zero ammonia
  • Lowers the hairs pH to improve the condition
  • Closes hair cuticle to improve texture
  • Soft coverage
  • Even toning, even on the most porous hair
  • High clear gloss
  • Up to 50% grey coverage
  • Zero levels lift, darkening and or only
  • Ppd free

Davines Pure

Can we express our wild desires with elegance?

Pure inspired by eye shadow and the mother of pearl, bares us the three primary and secondary colours. Inter-mixable to create any fashion shade you and I can dream up. Paired with a customized opacity so we may choose the vibrancy together.

Matrix So Colour CULT

Remove the shackles, you do you.

A large intermixable range of bright semi-permanent colours designed to be applied to free bleach-lightened hair. During testing we found ‘Matrix So Colour CULT’ to be the longest lasting and the easiest to manipulate than any other range.

Not for the faint hearted. For when natural is not an option.

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