Condition Treatments

At Brannons we believe your hair condition is the first priority. Colouring, cutting, blow drying etc…. they are all tools of self expression but are powerless on the wrong material. Start with structure then build the beautiful.

Here is a list of our most loved salon conditioning treatments you can add to your service and there uses:

NOUNOU Nourishing Hair Mask

Our trusty all rounder. Most popular to those with lightening or shape changes. Rich in protein but balanced with moisture. NOUNOU keeps chemical treated hair at its optimum condition and balances the ph. Your hair will feel stronger, moisturised and easy to comb with a natural shine.

Who is it good for..? mildly damaged chemical treated hair

Time: 5 – 20 min

Price: £8

MINU Illuminating Replenishing Hair Mask

Super high gloss and colour protection. All the components to replenish colour tinted hair and improve longevity of colour. A clean mirror shine, without weighing your hair down.

Who is it good for..? Colour treated hair

Time: 5 – 20 min

Price: £8

OI Hair Butter

Just indulgence. Antioxidant nourishing butter with a sensory scent. It has an anti-frizz disciplinary action giving extraordinary softness and brightness to the hair with an immediate cosmetic effect.

Who is it good for..? Any hair type

Time: 5 – 20 min

Price: £10

Nourishing Keratin Wonder

Our S.O.S! this is our strongest treatment saved for extreme damage. It seals cuticles, it strengthens and protects the hair fibre with an antioxidant action and anti-breakage. The hair is immediately compact, soft and shiny. Processed under heat.

Who is it good for..? Those with extreme hair condition problems

Time: 10-20 min

Price: £15

On Protect

Our favourite in the world of re-bonding plex products.

What is it for?

On protect focus’s on repairing what are called disulphide bonds. These are one of the strongest bond types in nature and exist in your hair for strength keeping your hair growing in length and not breaking prematurely.

Why is it needed?

Disulphide bonds don’t break much naturally but we do break them to achieve modern alterations colour, bleach, perm etc. Before Plex products once they were broken they couldn’t be repaired now they can and regular use of this treatment will allow for strong alterations without loosing your hairs strength.

Why do you think its the best?

We have used other products in the same category. We favour this one as it is a one step treatment where as others are 3-5 steps making them time consuming and expensive. We feel the results are more instantly effective. Also when mixed with colour or bleach it has no effect on tone.

How is it done and how long does it take?

There is two types of application:

Added in the colour bowl:- On protect will be carried in by the colour and as the colour is processing, your bonds will be re-building,

Taking no extra time!

Used as a Stand Alone treatment:- We use a careful measure of on protect mixed with warm water. We mostly use a clarifying shampoo to remove any existing build up then apply the mixture to your wet hair and massage to a fine foam. You then sit with the foam penetrating your hair, we then cover the product with your prescribed conditioner or even better the most suitable hair mask suggested by your hairstylist. 20-30min

Price £8-£20

Limited Edition Treatments

We are hair condition nerds, we are always playing with innovative new potions. We always have one or more off the menu treatments that we are playing with and swap for others.

Prices will vary.

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