This is my favourite technique/tool in the salon. Flamboyage has allowed me and my team to work with colour in more detail than ever before. Flamboyage is for the connoisseurs of hair colour. Sam Brannon

What is it?

Flamboyage is a tool designed and patented by Davines. Invented by the four times winner of the ‘Hairdresser of the year awards,’ Angelo Seminara.

They are a translucent adhesive strips that can be used to separate the finest strands of hair possible and incubate them in a separate colour tone. To create a beautiful misty highlight, seamless at the root.

The incubating power of Flamboyage allows us to achieve dazzling levels of lift if we should need it.

Flamboyage is not a standard salon service it is a tool of ultimate colour expression.

Main Salon uses:

  • Extreme eye for detail, perfection highlighting.
  • Crossing two balayage colours within each section, interwoven.
  • Having a balayage style colour whilst changing your base colour simultaneously.


Flamboyage, is one of our most premium colour techniques. It is also one of the most varied in application and effect. Pricing is calculated for you, your hair type and your needs. Hence why with the service we cannot give a guide price but we can discuss Flamboyage as an option and give you our price estimate within a free of charge consultation.

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