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We can’t express enough how important it is to have the right products if you want to achieve the perfect hair.

As hairdressers we are spoilt for choice with hair products. Being able to grab what ever we desire off the shelf, it’s easy to forget that without those products we wouldn’t come close to the standard of styles and colours that we create.

Why Davines?

After using multiple professional hair brands, often several at one time, we had the opportunity to try Davines.

At first we started small with only a few products. The more we tried the more we craved to try the others. Now Davines has become the predominant professional brand in our Salon. 

All the products are well crafted and tested and never let us down. Davines go above and beyond to protect our environment, making them the leaders in sustainable beauty.

In our opinion there is no better product.


Why have unnecessary chemicals on our bodies.They has been a spotlight faced on cosmetic companies and their chosen ingredients in recent years.

Our skin is porous and absorbent. So there needs to be a level of trust in a cosmetic company to only be using formulations with safe, needed ingredient. Davines will only use the ingredients it needs to give you the hair you desire. Nothing else added. All the products are free from, Sulphate, Parabens, DEA, TEA. No nasties!

All the cleansing products are PH balanced. to invigorate and cleanse without stripping natural balancing elements.


There are many hair products from many good brands. Though we feel there is no other brand we and our guests can rely on, as we can Davines. If there is a product on the shelf its there for a reason, a tool with a task and it will perform.

We don’t want a brand with several gimmick products. We want you to feel that if you have invested in hair care you’ll have the best product we can provide.

From daily care, scalp care, shape creators, special occasion finishing and much more… Davines products will have the right product and quickly become your favourite.


The effect we have on our planet should be a consideration to every business. We take our environmental impact seriously and this leads us to another reason why currently we chose Davines.

Eco benefits of Davines:

  • All Davines offices are carbon neutral
  • All packaging is second use plastic
  • Davines achieved and maintain the ‘B-corp’ award
  • All products are bio degradable
  • Raw ingredients used are those of the ‘slow food’ variety. Meaning they had little other use and farmers were treated fairly
  • Zero, animal testing, Vegan friendly
  • And much, much more. We would like to encourage you to visit www.davines.com if you wish to know more.

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